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Split Ends

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 Causes of Split Ends

The major causes of split ends are damage done by:

  • blow dryers
  • curling irons
  • straightening irons
  • hair coloring products

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Treatment of Split Ends

You can keep split ends in check with proper hair maintenance:  Trim, trim, trim. What you don’t want to happen is have your hair split all the way up the shaft, rendering that hair ruined.  To keep hair conditioned in the meantime, you’ll need to deep condition once a week.  Stephanie Secrest  has a deep conditioning treatment that she uses to give shine and put oil back in dry and split hair.  See her picture on our stylist page. Tame split ends with a styling cream and if it’s really time for a haircut, pulling hair back in a loose bun will hide all those nasty split ends. If you know any friends who want to grow their hair longer and keep it shiny,  I’m sure they will be grateful to you if you share this article.

Article Contributed by: Mary Hayes